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It is nice to win a match. An unexpected win is very nice! And an unexpected win, coming from a difficult position is even better. And that is just the way Olympia 2 ended the season; an surprise win over favourite Sparta 4 when defending a quiet meagre 108 runs.

After a delayed start Olympia choose to bat and that didn't really worked well. Robert lost his wicket in the first over. Frank not much later and Kevin followed before getting in. Fortunelately Thomas stood firm valuing his wicket for more than 17 overs.


20130820 213119In the meantime Fred H. was the first Olympian batsmen to reach double figures. But he too fell before unleashing his big hitting qualities. But Jan - Willem showed his and made a quick 39 without much support from John (judged LBW by Robert...) and our guest players Arlo (1 run) and Dennis (close to 1 run). Eric was the last Olympian to come to bat. His plans to score a seasonal best were brutally cut short by Jan Willem's kind of suicidal running between the wickets.

So after 27 overs Olympia was all out with only 108 runs in the scorebook. Even Annemiek, keeping the score on an tablet, couldn't add any runs for the team. 

During the lunch some of the players predicted a short second innings. The away leg in mind, Sparta scoring with a run rate over 8, Olympia did not have much faith in a good result. Although a few Olympians pondered over the possibility to bowl Sparta out within 20 overs.

Sparta started as expected. They scored 12 runs in the first 2 overs. But suddenly the match changed in Olympia's favour. Jan-Willem took 2 wickets with the first 2 balls of his 2nd over. He bowled a wide on his hattrick ball and saw Robert dropping his 3rd wicket one ball later.

Sparta recovered with a few boundaries the next overs, but a wicket by Thomas in the 5th over stopped the scoring for a while. Sparta, at that moment, was still in control with 29 runs after 5 overs. But the 3 wickets down should have warned them. But it didn't. They were still batting as it was a T20 match. With all the risks involved. John took the 4th wicket in his first over and his 2nd in his 3rd.

The score read 61 for 5 at that moment. Still, the advantage was with Sparta as a few of their best batsmen were still due to swing their bats. But the tight bowling by Eric and John made these batsmen impatience. The result was 4 quick wickets. Eric took an 'own lifesaving' caught & bowled before John took another 2 wickets. He was helped Robert, who redeemed himself by clutching dearly to the ball while the rest of the team was holding it's breath... With the last ball of the 19th over Eric took his second wicket and ended the match.

Both teams shook their head in disbelief. Sparta couldn't believe that they lost this match (scoring their lowest total of the season) and Olympia had some trouble realising the pulled this off. With the predicted 20 overs but with a different outcome.

All in all enough reason to celebrate the end of the season in style. Thanks to Roelien, Gina, Annemiek, Kim & Mabel for the scoring, arranging drinks, cooking and supporting. Thanks to Arlo and Dennis for helping us out in the field. And a special thanks for Frank for baking the lovely cake. Although it turned out that you only had to add some water (?), it was really appreciated!

Match stats:
Batting                          Bowling
Jan Willem 39 not out     John 5 – 23 – 4
Fred H. 14                     Eric 4 – 7 -2
Thomas 13                    Jan Willem 6 – 21 – 2
                                   Thomas 4 – 21 – 1


Eric 2 catches
Frank 2
Robert 1
Jan-Willem 1
Thomas 1

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