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There probably haven’t been many matches in Olympia’s rich history which has been decided under the floodlights… Not that the floodlights helped a lot when trying to follow the balls. Ask Eric who thought he went for an easy catch, but felt the ball landing on exactly the  spot he didn’t want to instead in his eagerly outstretched hands. Or ask Jurgen who saw the ball for the last time in the 15th over and is probably still wondering what is going on. Or maybe who should ask the Excelsior’20 batsmen who were facing some fierce bowling from Jason, Moishin and Silva in the last overs of the match.



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But never mind. Olympia won its 3rd consecutive T20 match and has the finals in reach. But it didn’t really look that way after 3 overs. Silva, our double centurion, pulled his 2nd ball in the hands of deep fine leg. His dismissal shocked Wijnand who didn’t have time to put his proper cricketshirt on before getting to the middle. A few balls  later Wijnand witnessed Jason copy Silva’s shot and saw Jurgen stroll for a sharp single to find himself a bit short. Within 3 overs Olympia lost 3 wickets and found themselves in a bit of trouble. Especially because 3 players hadn’t arrived at the field yet.

It meant a quick promotion for Sander who managed to steady the innings a bit. With a little help from Wijnand, who started to find the boundaries by now. Oympia’s run rate was fine, but the constant falling of wickets worried the spectators (thanks for the support Betty, Dachane, Frank, Roelien and the Khan-family).

Sander, Wijnand and Niels all lost their wickets before reaching a big score. So it was up to the tail after Reno helped Thomas to get a duck. All eyes were on Moishin for some quick run scoring, but unfortunately a ball sneaked under his bat and disturbed his stumps. With only Reno, Rick and Eric left and the score just around 100, Olympia didn’t look like winning. But Olympia managed to bat out the full 20 overs for a score of 121.

A small but defendable total. At least when you are bowling well. And that is what Olympia did. With the sun setting quickly Moishin got a wicket in the first over and Olympia went on from there. Tight bowling and  a regular flow of wickets in the first 10 overs did make it look like around the 8th over that the match was over and done with. There were wickets for Silva, Jason and Eric and a few run-outs.

But then Exceldior’20 suddenly seemed to have 2 proper batsmen at the crease. And  suddenly they started scoring at a quick rate. With a little bit of help from Sander, who proved that proper slow bowling isn’t that easy as it looks and the darkness, they quickly chased down the total. But we all knew that wickets were the key now. And in a very exciting last 3 overs, while half of the Olympian team was guessing what was going on, the bowlers did a brilliant job. Jason, Silva a Moishin exploited the circumstances perfectly: Excelsior’20 was bowled out in the 20th over!

A good win in a good and exciting match!

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