Opgericht 1 juni 1886

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Now the end of the season is nearing quickly Olympia 2 is back to its winning ways. While in the beginning of the season or the bowling or the batting seemed to fail, the last couple of matches both departments are putting in decent efforts. So, the 2nd team took the 2 points for the 4th time this season. And to be fair the only one troubling the Olympian bowlers (and the scorers, thanks Roelien!) was the dreaded Mr. Extra who topscored Olympia's fielding innings with no less than 70 runs... Almost half of the runs that Ghausia Feijenoord managed to put on the scoreboard. Without this self-inflicted trouble the match would probably have been a walkover.


Despite a tight start of bowlers, who kept the Ghausia batsmen a long timer under 3 runs an over , in the end they set a target of 157 runs. As mentioned before mainly due to Mr. Extra, who was helped by missed catches by Jurgen, Reno and Jan (who took 3 earlier in the match (!) before and dropped his 4th maybe due to the fear of getting 5 and thus having to pay for a round of drinks...).

The Olympian bowler who made most impact on the 1st innings result was Reno with is fabulous spell of 6 – 2 – 7 – 4. The best bowling figures for this season in Olympia 2. At least he made up for an embarrassing dropped catch. Standing at slip he managed to stop a ball from flying by (which in its own right was a good effort), but while lying on the ground face down, eyes closed, muttering over a spoiled chance totally missed the fact that the ball was still airborne and gently coming down to land straight between his outstretched hands.

So after lunch the Olympian openers had the task to give the team a steady start. And they did. With a little help of Ghausia's Mr. Extra the added 54 runs before the fall of the 1st wicket. Unfortunelately the 2nd wicket fell on the same score. Which gave our opponent a bit of hope and caused a few worried faces at the side of the field. But Jan (16) en Jurgen rebuild in the innings and together they brought Olympia close to the target. In the process Jurgen scored an unbeaten 54 runs. A personal highscore. Frank came in and went out again in an effort to finish the game within 30 overs. Which caused more worried faces and quick padding up, but Reno made sure he stayed until the end.


All in all an comprehensive win for Olympia!


Match figures:
Batting                             Bowling                                     Fielding
Jurgen 54*                       Reno 4 wickets                           Jan 3 catches
Jan 16                              Eric 1                                        Jan-Willem 2
Frederik 16                       Frederik 1
Robert 15                         Robert 1
                                       Thomas 1

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