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20.10.2020 | 01:50 | 10°C |ZZO (3 BF) | 1012 hPa | zonnig

Scoring a century in a T20 is quite special. Making two in a row actually is unbelievable. But last night Silva scored 108 not out, a week after his 105 retired… And again his knock decided the match. And if this wasn’t enough to demoralize VCC, he bowled a wicket-maiden as well in his 2 over spell. In which he took all doubts about the outcome of the match away.

Although Rick tried his best to give VCC a glimmer of hope when he bowled the 18 over. He went for more than 20 runs and suddenly the match was kind of on again with a target of 36 from the last 2 overs. But the 6’s (and looking for the ball) meant a delay in play and as a consequence the ground became darker and darker. We were more playing on sound and praying that the ball was going in someone else’s direction as it became almost impossible to see the ball.

That suited the pacy bowling of Jason and with just a few runs from his last over sealed it for us. Just in time because our fielders were literally lost in the dark. Hilarious scenes on the field and a lot of confusion; Jan was not able to locate a ball coming straight at him and looked very surprised when Reno came running in only to pick up the ball just in front of his feet. Luckily VCC’s batsmen were just as lost and forgot to run at least 4.

The next ball was hit in the direction of Frederik (so he was told) and again he was rescued by Reno running in over 50 meters to pick up the ball off his feet. Scenes like this make you wonder why the KNCB didn’t start this T20-competition in june…

Captain Sander showed his fate in the Rick’s bowling capacities and gave him a chance to redeem himself. So Rick bowled the last over of the match with 28 runs to defend. Which he easily managed. And Olympia’s 2nd T20 win was in the pocket.


We witnessed the long awaited return on the cricket field of Frits Meissenbacher. With the support of his family he made 10 runs and took a wicket. We hope this is not the last time we will see him in whites…

Wickets were taken by Sander, Jason, Silva, Frits and Moisin with a little help (catches) from Moisin, Sander and Eric.

Besides Silva runs were made by Frederik (16), Moisin (15), Frits (10) and Jurgen (6).

Maiden win in a T20 as a captain by Sander

Silva’s 108* is a new Olympia record in T20, surpassing last weeks’ 105.

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