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20.10.2020 | 02:32 | 11°C |ZO (4 BF) | 1011 hPa | zonnig

In a true all-round effort (10 players bowled and 10 players batted) Olympia scored 203 runs in their 2nd match of the T20 league. While we call it an all-round effort, we mean to say a brilliant display of seemingly effortless batting from Silva. He retired voluntarily on the score of 105 after 15 overs. Silva’s big partnerships with Sander (76) and Niels (78) made sure that the spectacular batting collapse that followed his retirement didn’t cause too much damage. Silva reached his fine landmark (and a place in Olympia’s history books because of the first ever century in a T20-match) with the score on 160 for 3.

The end score read 205 for 9… In between our wickets fell in quick succession. In the end Jan (10*) en Eric (1*) made sure a historic landmark was reached by lifting the total above the 200 runs!


There were a few hick-ups in our batting innings. Mainly caused by the Asvion players searching for their precious pink ball after one of the many 6’es from Silva (5) or Niels (2). But of course Jurgen caused a minor delay as well when he noticed he was batting with his I-phone in his pocket. That deserved him another nomination for the infamous orange hat…

Asvion’s chase was destined to be a very though one after their first over in which they lost 2 wickets to Moisin’s bowling. Things did go even more pear shaped after that, because at the end of the 3rd over the scoreboard gave very harsh figures: 6 runs for 4 wickets. So still 198 to go, with plenty of overs but just 6 more batsmen.

After a kind of recovery between overs 4 en 7 when Asvion scored 20 runs any hopes of a successful chase diminished with the fall of 2 more wickets. Still 178 to go, but only 4 wickets left and a RRR of more than 12. We, Asvion and the surprisingly big crowd knew the match was kind of decided.

And although the match went all the 20 overs (thus finishing in the dark) Asvion just managed to get 100 runs. A good victory for Olympia on a historic evening! Thanks to Silva and his brilliant batting!

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