Opgericht 1 juni 1886

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In a match with a lot of ups-and-downs Olympia 2 almost made a shock win in the 4a League. Almost, but in the end there were too many downs to beat league-toppers Qui Vive 6.

The first down was the arrival time of our opponents. Just an hour late... . But we didn't have to wait long for the first high. Our opening pair did exactly what they had to do: Frustrate the Qui Vive bowlers. Thomas and Rick did exactly that for 10 overs.

The loss of the openers brought Kevin and Fred H. to the crease. A hard hitting pair as Qui Vive noticed pretty quickly. In contrast to our openers, who made their runs in singles, a flurry of boundaries arrived. Kevin was outscored by Fred (quite a unique fact in Kevin's cricket career) and their 80+ partnership was another 'up' in the match.


But as up-and-downs go, a down was bound to follow. In quick succession Jan-Willem, J├╝rgen, Martin, Eric and Joris lost their wickets. The end result: 129 all out in 34 overs.

Anyway a big improvement over the 65 all out in the away match against Qui Vive. They were not impressed with our total, but we know that defending 130 on our pitch is not always 'a piece of cake'. Well speaking of cake. The whole team would like to thank Martin for baking and bringing the cake to our matches for the 2nd time!


And while Qui Vive thought of finishing the match in a few overs, the Olympian bowlers thought something completely different. Within 4 overs we took 4 wickets. All catches were taken and the fielding was sharp. At that point panic struck with Qui Vive. They didn't have a batsman ready. Later it turned out that they normally lose a maximum of 4 wickets per match.

Unfortunately the next Qui Vive pair batted with sense and started rebuilding their innings.


At the same time Olympia 2 lost focus a bit. Catches were dropped, midfields' happened regularly and the bowling became wayward. Qui Vive came back in the match with scoring singles instead of boundaries. To change to flow of the match captain Jan Willem turned to Eric to bowl is low-speed (or no-speed?) floaters. The goal was to induce one of their batsmen to hit out...and the plan worked. Soon the safe hands of Martin were found at the boundary. Olympia was back in the match.


But Olympia couldn't return to the high standards of bowling and fielding from the beginning of the match. In contrast; the bowlers found the grass instead of the pitch on a regular basis, Eric and Martijn gave good impressions of the Ministry of Silly walks while trying to field a ball and there was much more un-Olympian fielding to be seen by the public... (the team would like make their appologies to Bianca, Kim en Henk.)


And despite 2 more wickets at the end of the match Olympia couldn't give the last push. While Qui Vive lost 7 wickets for the first time this season, they returned home with 2 points.


Olympia was close to a surprise win, but yet so far away! So mixed emotions at the end of an eventful day.

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