Opgericht 1 juni 1886

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wanicaOn a hot summer day Olympia 1 won a thriller against Wanica Star by 12 runs. Early in the innings Fred Cazius was his pedestrian self with a dogged 7 runs in 15 overs forming the backbone of yet again a 50 partnership for the first wicket with his captain.


His only flaw was when he tried to knock out his skipper (45 runs) during a bit of glove love after the latter had hit one of his boundaries. As is accustomary for the Olympians, wickets started to fall at all too regular intervals.

Frank Geenevasen was the hero of the day by keeping his composure in a 25 runs partnership for the 10th wicket with Olympia stalwart Niels Fundter. Fundters blistering sixes gave Olympia the slight edge when they propelled to 146 runs in the first innings.


The Olympia fielding innings was an interesting jigsaw puzzle with Olympia only fielding 5 bowlers of which 2 were the parttime wicketkeeper. Wicketkeeper number 2 ergo bowler number 1, Silva withstood the heat and bowled a fiery 8 overs on the trot for just 13 runs and 2 wickets. Some incredible catching by Nayyer in the gully helped the city of Gouda cricketers to restrict the dashing Wanica Stars to 30 for 4.


There was a huge collision between keeper number 1 Wijnand and keeper number 2 Silva when they both went for a skier and Silva went down for the count. Luckily Wijnand somehow managed to hold to the catch.


Then the heat kicked in, the fielding got a bit sloppy and suddenly it was 120ish for 7. Mohsin came back to take wicket number 8, Reno Tuba inflicted a run out and your captain, cleaned up number 1 first ball in an agonizingly close finish.

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