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Ontvangen van de cricketers van SON. De moeite waard.....


Another massive day of sport again in the Netherlands i.e. Son’s first visit to the hallowed cricket fields of Gouda…..16 million Cloggies were waiting in eagerness for live pictures to be screened on their newly acquired flat-screen TV’s.

But they were to be disappointed! Some philistine in Hilversum somehow decided that two major sporting events for the Nation on one day would be too much! Cricket was sacrificed to allow them instead to watch some unimportant soccer match being played in the depths of a state that used to be part of the old Soviet Union! And they lost as well! When will these TV moguls get it right?


Anyway back to important matters…..it had been a pretty much standard week running up to the game…..Monday 17 players available and by Sunday we have exactly 11 brave souls gathering in the car park at HTC at 10:00 for the hour or so journey to Gouda….the good news was the weather and no threat of rain….





 First shock to report…..Robert won the toss! And based on recent performances wisely decided to bat.

After a few mighty blows Akil was unable to amass a successive major score and holed out for 17 after hitting one of the longest sixes ever seen in Gouda! Jude and John did little to trouble the scorers before Yorden weighed in with a useful 22. The rest of the innings was a tad one-sided. Mr Waqar Pavez, one of the most positive players we have known in Son, decided it was his turn to show everybody how to amass a good score and did it very well indeed, hitting 73 before being caught. In fact, it was again a day where Son decided it would be very nice if we gave the opposition catching practice, with no less than 8 players out caught!

Was there a Norman Leighton moment? Difficult one this as I was not even  at the game, but I am still able to spot a Norman moment when I see it!  One of the most prolific batsmen in the history of Son cricket decides to bat way down the order to protect his average! Did not help much as he was (surprise, surprise) caught  for a duck! Yes, you have probably guessed, Mr Hall strikes again!

There is also a twist to this tale! According to the KNCB, Mr Hall was out caught by “M Guest 1”……strange name for a cricket player you might think, but the cunning fielder was no less  a person than Mr Jude Dilan! Olympia only had ten players and Robert had leant them a fielder! Ironies of ironies, but was this a champagne moment, or a Norman Leighton moment for a Son fielder who dared to take the wicket of his Captain and then continuously dropped the ball and laughed while we were practicing fielding before the Olympia innings? I’ll leave you to make your minds up! (I think I can guess which way that vote will go!)  

 The KNCB site also shows the run out of a certain B. Broens for a handy 8 runs near the end of the innings? Bit strange as he was also playing hockey at the time and had retired from cricket at the end of last season! My spies reliably inform me that Mr Alexander Broens was in fact the victim. Quite how the run out happened is a mystery to me…..it is not however a mystery  to Waqar! Having already tried to run out Alex a few overs before, he was ultimately successful in again calling for a suicidal second run….Norman would have been proud of him! And Alex, as had his brother Jan-Willem, had played very well in supporting Waqar build his Innings! Some thanks…..    

Son 152 all out from 39 overs


 Some confusion here as the KNCB website shows Michael Bird opening the bowling and taking 3 for 24 from 6! Strange one this as he was most definitely still snoring in his bed at 2pm after a heavy night out in Amsterdam! Or was it his well-known double, the maestro of spin bowling Mr Peter Browning? Indeed it  was – more fun with e-cricket! Nevertheless, a tremendous performance from Peter on his season debut! Until he got injured (sprained ankle) in a collision with John Collett as they both went for a catch off Peter’s bowling and ended up having John rolling over him (not a pretty sight!).

Wckets continued to tumble against some excellent Son bowling. Yorden weighed in with 1 for 12 from 5, Robert recovered from his batting misery with a tidy 1 for 12 from 4, John took 1 for 13 from 4 and finally the undisputed man of the match – Waqar – took 2 for 22 from 7……Olympia all out for 84!


 Champagne moment? Apart from seeing Robert’s Duck? Please steep forward Mr Alexander Broens for what has been described as a for sharp, low-down catch in the gully off the bowling of the Red Fox himself. Daddy would have been proud, not just of this, but also a sharp run out earned by Alex as well during the Olympia innings.

Finally, we again played against a team that play cricket in the right spirit! Many thanks to Olympia for an enjoyable day and we look forward to greeting you in the Lion’s den – the home of Son Cricket in August!


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